I’m Holding a Talk About Tradeshow Marketing at the 2018 Gic in Poznan, Poland

The GIC (Game Industry Conference) is Europes largest game developer conference. It’s hosted right next door to the more general gaming and esports event PGA (Poznan Game Arena). This year we will be hosting a talk about exhibiting at trade shows, with focus on  how to get attention from media and press.

Getting the attention of press and media is crucial when exhibiting. So how do you get a journalist to write about you, when there are hundreds of interesting exhibitors to compete with? Many video game developers know there is value in exhibiting at conventions and trade shows, but achieving the desired results is more elusive. This talk will present the important cornerstones of getting the most value out of your exhibition.

Members of press are extremely busy during a trade show, they have to interview hundreds of people, yet they can only realistically write about a few of them. There are certain ways you can increase your chances of coverage though. With the help of important questions you have to ask yourself and practical methods we will help you stand out over the crowd.




What’s the difference between a successful exhibition and a failed one?

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Many video game developers know there is value in exhibiting at conventions and trade shows. It’s a great way to reach many marketing goals simultaneously but when competing with bigger developers that have their own experienced marketing team it becomes difficult to stand out from the crowd.


We will present questions and methods that are important to reach the results you are after, and a methodical mindset that needs to be applied when planning and executing an exhibition. Where you have to start by asking yourself what exactly you are trying to achieve and then come up with practical ways to work towards that goal.

We will go through some core pillars of being successful at an event and tell you what you should put your time and effort into to get the results you want, and more importantly, why.



Important points:

How to identify a practical goal and work towards practical results.

How to make the most out of your booth and attract visitors to it.

How to recognize and engage press… and how to make them write about your games.

And how to convert your event experiences into results.



Date and time of the talk will be released soon


Via Soliton Solutions, creative PR agency specialized in exhibiting at trade shows