Brio Smart Outlet Protects You From Deadly Shocks

brio ces unveiled

brio ces unveiled

Brio is a smart power outlet which aims to protect your children from shock hazards. The founder said that he views every power outlet as a “lethal weapon just sitting on your wall”.
Brio can tell the difference between a finger, a screwdriver or a power plug.

He demonstrated with a live outlet, sticking a metal stick into it and nothing happened, then he plugged in a lightbulb and voila, it lit up. Even if he screwed out the lightbulb and poked his finger around in the still plugged in socket nothing happened. So it clearly works as intended.

brio outlet ces 2015

I think it is a brilliant idea, or actually, I think it’s an obvious idea and that this technology should be federal law. However since it’s not a standard, it’s a good thing Brio came a long.
Brio uses infrared sensor in conjunction with microchips to determine whether something stuck into the outlet is meant to receive power or not.

Brio has been funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and they have started with pre-orders The first BRIO safe outlet kits will be delivered in May 2015, Brio smart outlets will be delivered in August 2015.


Brio has won several CES awards..

brio ces awards