Best of Eureka Park CES 2022 Startup Space

Eureka Park robot arm CES 2022

At Eureka park you will often find the most interesting things that CES has to offer. This is where small innovative startups exhibit and I’ve often found that this is the space that holds the most surprises at the CES.

Since we didn’t get to go to this years CES (because I got Covid) we present to you this video from the CTA (Consumer Electronics Association) that shows the best of Eureka Park exhibits at the CES 2022.

Startups Shaping The Future

Eureka Park™ at CES® is where new ideas are funded. It’s the buzzworthy startup arena that provides a unique opportunity to launch a new product, service or idea.

Entrepreneurs and budding startups come to Eureka Park to discover how to connect with mentors, investors, and corporate leaders who help startups succeed. Investors come to Eureka Park to find their next unicorn. Global media come to look for their next story. Corporations come to look for partnerships and acquisitions.

If you’re looking for your big break in the tech industry, Eureka Park is the place for you.