Sierra Space Demoed Their Dream Chaser at CES 2022

The highlight in space tech at the 2022 CES was of course Sierra space, who aims to build an actual private space station, but they also demoed their famous Dream Chaser. A space craft reminiscent of the space shuttle.

sierra space dream chaser

“We envision a future where humanity lives and works in space, on moons, and on distant planets. People are married, children are born, families are raised, businesses are built and new civilizations thrive. Our vision isn’t restricted to the few, nor solely to governments, instead we see a future where all people can choose to live, work, explore, and vacation beyond our planet.”

– Sierra Space Corporation

The most ambitious Sierra Space project is the Orbital Reef space station. Orbital Reef is a partnership with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. It also has the backing of other space industry leaders. This includes Boeing, Genesis Engineering, Redwire Space, and Arizona State University.

Check out the best of CES Space tech video which heavy features Sierras Space and a test flight of their Dream Chaser space ship.