Google Glass Modified To Control Drone

Who knew this was what Google Glass was going to be used for, controlling Quadcopters. No but seriously, this could be pretty cool, all those AR games must be awesome using the Google Glasses.

Bublitz, from the coding company IcedDev, used JavaScript to make a basic control system for a quadcopter drone running on Google Glass, thus allowing him to control the device by moving his head.

“Turns out that I was driving the drone at full speed in each direction I tilted my head. I should have had the speed at about 0.3 instead of 1. Lesson learned. I would have also liked to add the ability to rotate the drone left and right based on the Glass’ azimuth value, but I guess that will have to be in the future.” -Bublitz

If you have Google Glass, you can download Bublitz’s control program from his GitHub profile.

Published by Johny Krahbichler