This USB Drive Looks Like Abraham Lincoln!

1 Legends US Presidents Lincoln MIMOBOT 295x300

1 Legends_US_Presidents_Lincoln_MIMOBOTIf you don’t know of Mimoco, they make USB Flash drives that look like famous people or characters. And I’m not kidding, they really have a ton of different USB drives, and all are very cool!

The one i had the pleasure to try looks like none other than Americas 16th president Abraham Lincoln, yeah the vampire hunter!



This is what the product page says:

Abraham Lincoln, immortalized as the “Great Emancipator,” was America’s 16th president, the first to be assassinated, and famous for freeing the slaves and unifying his country. His Gettysburg Address, beginning with the iconic words “Four score and seven years ago,” is considered one of the greatest speeches in American history. Abe’s MIMOBOT form leaves the top hat to the imagination and showcases his famous Lincoln chin curtain-styled beard. He sports a bow-tie to accompany his classic mid-19th century theater-going duds. Just like the real thing, Lincoln MIMOBOT allows documents, music, photos, and data to be shared, transported and collected no matter capacity or the color of the plug.



Pretty neat, i wonder where he lost his top hat. Anyway, a USB drive that looks like Lincoln, it doesn’t get much better than that if you ask me. Human creativity is sometimes amazing. And if you don’t like Mr Lincoln, like i said, they have an incredible number of designs. Even a series with Star Trek flash drives.

The USB drive comes preloaded with a bunch of fun extras too, wallpapers, icons and avatars. So you can theme your desktop to fit the theme, pretty nifty actually.

Its available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB capacities.  Beginning at $24.95 for the 8GB version.

I wonder how many Gigabytes the real Abraham Lincoln had..


The quality of the USB drive is good, it seems to be able to take a beating, and the paint is of good quality too. So it wont come off. And transfer speeds are nice too, its hi-speed USB 2.0 compatible.


Oh and also, i would advice against using this USB drive together with any USB drives you might have that resemble slaves.

There is also a USB drive looking like George Washington, that one however is a limited edition and there are only 1000 of them manufactured.

You can check out the product page here.