This Antenna Adjusts Itself To The Source


This is a clever thing i got to see at the CES, its an antenna which can change its direction for maximum efficiency. And it’s really quite clever how its done. It’s one of those things that seem so painfully obvious when you see it. Like you can see on the above pic it has several small antennas in a ring formation and it uses these to sense where the signal is the strongest. Then directs power to the antennas pointed at the signal.

They promise up to 5x increased upload and download speeds and far superior signal quality in dead zones. They guy who showed it to me also said that sometimes the best signal isn’t necessarily at the source, but is a signal that bounced of a wall. This technology takes that as well into consideration. Which is also a plus.

Now, i didn’t get to actually try it, or see a demo. But the tech is very promising, and already in use in some routers. I think this might be standard in the future.

Its from a company called adant.

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