Nvidia Grid, your tablet now runs crysis

NVIDIA-GridA news from Nvidia press conference was their new Grid server that is filled with graphics processors, and is meant to be used for, among other games in the cloud.

The platform, now known as the Nvidia Grid, is a server capable of supporting up to 24 racks, with 20 grid servers per rack. The Grid contains 240 Nvidia GPUs for a total of 200 teraflops—the equivalent of 700 Microsoft Xbox 360 game consoles, Nvidia chief executive officer Jen-Hsun Huang said during a Jan. 6 press conference.


What was interesting from an Android owner’s point of view was the demo they showed us.


First they started the game Trine 2 on PC flowing game from a Grid server via Ethernet. The game looked really nice out and floated on excellent. The game was saved then, and the guy who demoed switched to an Asus Transformer Prime. He started running Nvidia’s special client there, got up their interfaces with PC games and chose Trine 2 again and continued to play where he had stopped on the PC. The game looked as good on your tablet and flowed as far as we could see through wifi to the plate.

Which is no less than amazing.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen games streamed to an Android slab (eg OnLive did it before) but it looks like Nvidia’s new server is optimized specifically to offer plenty of graphics power, something that has been lacking.