General Tips for Protection from Hackers

As the world knows, hackers are the persons who have great knowledge of the working of computers, networks and other digital things. Hackers are not bad people; in fact, they are people with extra ordinary knowledge. But when such a person starts using its skills in illegal purposes, then it becomes a bad person. Today, hacking is one of the most dangerous activities happening in the current world. Hackers are interested in gaining access to some of the most private data of a person, like passwords for bank account. Not only normal people, even the biggest names known to the world including Microsoft and Nintendo are afraid of being hacked.

Once a system is hacked, then is becomes difficult for the person to retrieve the originality of system. Even if the system is recovered, there are great chances that the hacker had actually made a copy of the sensitive data from the system. Making a copy of large amount of data is not a problem for today’s high performance system. So even if a system is hacked for just five minutes, there are still chances for complete loss of Gigabytes of data. So, taking precaution from an attack is a much better option than recovering an attacked system. The basic things that should be done in order to be protected from hackers are as follows:
Antivirus software and Firewall:
An antivirus is software that can detect unwanted harmful programs called virus from users computer and eliminate it completely. Viruses, worms and Trojans are the most common weapons of a hacker to start the attack. These small programs secretly enter the system and start to collect information about it which is ultimately sent to the hacker. The information usually includes open ports to enter the system. Similarly, a firewall is software that examines the traffic which is coming from internet to a user’s system. If it finds any unreliable thing, it blocks is.
Anti Spyware:
Spyware are another type of programs that enters a system and secretly collects more sensitive information about the system like the password for remote access of it. This information is then sent to the hacker over the network. Antispyware are the software that are capable of detecting these spy’s and can eliminate them completely from user’s system.
Updating Software Regularly:
Hacking is done from the loophole in the system as well as in protection system. As protection software gets old, there are great chances that new malwares will penetrate it. So updating the software maintains its efficiency of preventing new and latest attacks.
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