Windows 8 PC's with an AMD Processor will be able to run Android Apps!

Thanks to a new partnership, the Windows 8 PCs and tablets that use AMD’s processors will be able to run Android Apps.
Microsoft’s app store, the Windows Store, in the current situation only has about 2,000 apps for the new interface in Windows 8, previously known as Metro UI. This figure is low compared to the range of devices such Apple’s App store with 700,000 apps for iOS and Google Play with 675,000 apps for Android.

Processortillverkaren AMD har tillsammans med programföretaget Bluestacks inlett ett samarbete som ska göra det möjligt att köra en halv miljon Androidappar på enheter med Windows 8 och AMD-processorer.

AMD the processor manufacturer has began a cooperation with the software company Bluestacks to enable over half a million Android Apps to run on windows 8 devices with AMD.

Blue Stacks released last year, an emulator that makes it possible to run Androidapps on a Widnows PC. AMD quickly showed interest in the technology and invested in the company. Blue Stacks emulator which previously optimized for Intel processors have been extended with support for AMD processors.

This dosen’t necessarily mean that you will be better off buying a windows 8 tablet with and AMD instead of an INTEL processor.  But it is pretty cool!