Has The Site Been Banned By Google?

Google banned 150x150

This can definitely affect the resale value of the domain name at a later date should you wish to sell it. Generally if the previous checks have passed then the domain is good to go but this check is definitely worth spending the 30 seconds to run the URL through few test websites.

We see Google AdSense ads which means the domain is not banned from using Google AdSense.

It is also worth double checking the PR of the domain name you are looking to buy in several different ways:

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So if the domain name you are looking to buy meets the following criteria then you would buy it for use in your own networks:

The PageRank is not faked
The domain is indexed by Google
The domain is aged (older the better)
The domain has never been dropped
The domain has at least 1 link to it of equal or higher PR than itself, the link is likely to stay and it has a range of other links also
The domain has links from various, unique A, B & C class IP addresses
The domain has links from authority websites
The domain has no Google bans
The domain has verified PageRank in multiple PR checks
The domain is not banned from Google Adsense
Bonus – Inner indexed URLs and you have also recorded the exact URLs

Where To Find & Buy Real Aged PR Domains

Now you know exactly what do to check each domain you find and you’re interested in buying, there are a number of websites where you can find domains that are currently registered and therefore not dropped.

Buying From GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy Auctions does have an annual membership fee of $4.99 and you need to have a GoDaddy Auctions membership in order to buy domains through the auctions. This is a domain source you will need in order to build your network as GoDaddy always has a huge volume of high quality expiring domain names.

You can use the various GoDaddy Auctions filter options illustrated above and then manually do the checks as previously taught to find high PR aged domain names.
That’s the manual way to search for domains.

However you have access to your bonus software, which automatically filters all of the domains in the GoDaddy auctions by PR, so you would simply run the software and then login to your GoDaddy Auctions account in order to buy the domain names you’d picked out.

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