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real 3d w3 japanThis camera is probably the best 3D camera you can get for the money, and it is indeed a good camera. The 3D effects are very good, the screen uses the same technology as the Nintendo 3DS, but the larger size and higher resolution makes this noticeably better than the 3DS screen. It shoots FULL HD photos and 720p HD video, in 3D aswell as 2D. It can even save as both 3D and 2D. For 2D photos it works quite well too but it’s not a super camera, so the 2D pictures are good, but not super good. It is equipped with CCD sensors, which are cheaper than CMOS sensors, but works well for filming. Still I’d say the picture quality is pretty good.


  • CCD effective megapixels               10.0 megapixels
  • CCD size                                             2x 1/2.3in
  • Viewfinder                                          none
  • LCD screen                                        size 3.5″
  • LCD screen resolution                    1,150,000 pixels
  • Optical zoom                                             3.0x
  • Zoom 35mm equivalent                       35-105mm
  • Image stabilisation                      none
  • Maximum image resolution                      3,648 x 2,736
  • Maximum movie resolution                       1280 x 720
  • Movie frame rate at max quality                       24fps
  • File formats                          JPEG, MPO; AVI (M-JPEG)
  • Shutter speed                       1/2 to 1/1,000 seconds
  • Aperture range                       f/3.7 (wide), f/4.2 (tele)
  • ISO range                            (at full resolution) 100 to 1600
  • Connectivity                       USB, AV, mini HDMI 1.4


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