Apple IOS proves to be faster at handling HTML5 than Android


A new study from Spaceport says Apple’s iPhones and iPads do a far better job of handling HTML5 in the browser than competing Android-based devices.Spaceport reports on the handling of HTML5 in Android and iOS.

It dosent really come as a surprise, but IOS handles HTML5 objects a lot better than Android OS. Why is that, probably beacuse ANdroid is a very cluttered OS which slows it down.

In order to arrive at those figures, Spaceport examined the maximum number of images that could be smoothly pushed through HTML5 in mobile browsers. The best Android tablet, which Spaceport did not reveal, was able to smoothly translate less than 100 images at 30 frames per second. Apple’s iPad 2, on the other hand, smoothly translated more than 300 images at 30 frames per second.