Kodak EasyShare Touch Review

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m577 sponsored review kodak

The camera is very easy to take photos with either press the button or just press the touch screen.

The camera also has a feature just like with its little brother, where you can share your images instantly! Either to Facebook, E-Mail or to your computer. This is great if you want to give updates in picture form to your friends quickly and easily. All you need to do to this feature to work is to set up the camera with its USB cable into your computer and install the Kodak software where you can register your Facebook and email.
It may be hard to see whats going on on the screen as the UI for the touch is wuite small, not an issue most of the time as the camera fetures the standard quick shoot buttons on top, even a button which can be used to quickly enter video filmimng mode.  The  quality of the video when it is dark is not so good due to low aperture (F). I prefer to shoot only during the day to get the best quality, where it does very good quality.

The photos quality varies when you have it on automatic, sometimes you get really good pictures but you can also get really bad ones if you the environment isnt right. Eg too bad light or shaking, just like its smaller counterpart it’s stabilisation wasn’t all that good.

Generally, I think the camera is fine it works very well in the daytime but at night it is not the best.

7/10, on the grounds that it sometimes takes bad pictures, and that it is sometimes difficult to fix the settings in manual mode.

Conclusion a very good budget camera for someone who needs a better camera than the M200 the M577 does the job.


This Kodak is a 14mega pixel camera with a 3″ HGVA touch screen and a 28mm wide lens, with 5x optical zoom.

Test images soon to come.