BlackBerry outage saves lives in UAE

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blackberry-texting-killsIn europe its soon going to be a requirement to make it illegal texting and driving. Studies even show its just as dangerous to text and drive as to drink and drive. And this just proves how dangerous texting and driving is.

A couple of days a go there was a massive blackberry outage, and for an unrelated note the affected users can claim free apps, but they important thing here is the numbers of car accidents in Abu Dhabi and Dubai those three days.

Abu Dhabi reported a whooping 40% drop in car accidents that day while Dubai reported a 20% drop, this is an extreme amount. UAE has a five times higher vehicular mortality rate than the rest of the world. Although my experience is that people drive faster but safer there i guess i was wrong. The bottomline? Don’t text and rive!


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    Can you please send me a spotify invitation?? Email: [email protected]

  • George21. Oct, 2011

    Does that mean cell phone manufacturers get bad karma? :p

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