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Google's Augumented-Reality Glasses

9 years ago / 1 comments

Augumented reality glasses, read text messages, google things, watch the news. All without even lifting your hands. Sounds pretty sci fi to me, in other words awesome. But does google think …

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See how a processor is made, from sand to CPU

9 years ago / 0 comments

Ever wonder how a CPU is made? Well thanks to this video from INTEL you can find out how some sand and metal can turn into an I7!

THEY WANT TO KILL THE INTERNET,   Internet Blacklist Bill

10 years ago / 0 comments

FOR REAL: The House just introduced a version of the Internet Blacklist Bill which could effectively SHUT DOWN Twitter, Youtube, and sites that rely on user-generated content. Click here to tell …

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BlackBerry outage saves lives in UAE

10 years ago / 2 comments

In europe its soon going to be a requirement to make it illegal texting and driving. Studies even show its just as dangerous to text and drive as to drink and …

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Hint of 360 Games being playable on windows found in developer code

10 years ago / 4 comments

What would be awesome? Halo Reach on pc! Microsoft has been very open wth it’s plans to enable xbox live for windows 8, but in a new code snippet from windows …

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Apple Thunderbolt / Intel lightpeak Teardown

10 years ago / 2 comments

This must be the first teardown of a cable we’ve ever had, and i seriously didn’t think it could be that exiting, on the other hand it is a lot better …

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