Steve Jobs left innovations for four years coming


Jobs worked hard till the end. The painful last months of his life he put all his effort into the icloud project. That gives Apple users the ability to store music, video and other data almost anywhere in cyberspace.  Steve Jobs made ​​sure that drawings of future products where created years in advance. On the drawing boards in Apple’s labs in San Francisco’s, according to several sources already: Next Generation Ipod, Iphone and Macbook. A new iPhone, which, according to Britain’s The Times released at the end of next year or in early 2013, and will completely transform the industry. – It’s the product that Jobs will be remembered for, said an informant. It is speculated that Jobs has already been initiated plans for an apple TV, one of the few remaining media industries that has not changed for long. Is said to be as revolutionary as the iPod. Moreover – a secret training program, which according to sources in the Los Angeles Times to learn Apple’s executives to think that IT genius, to secure the company’s world dominance. – The idea was to use what is unique about Apple and create a forum to convey the sort of “DNA” to future generations of Apple employees, says a former Apple chief for the LA Times.