Steve Jobs CEO of Apple has passed away

The man behind the Mac, Iphone and Ipod is dead.

Apple’s founder and father of four Steve Jobs, died last night from cancer.

He became not more than 56 years old.

His last wish was to see the new iphone get announced, and so he did.

– We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs has passed away, the company said in a statement early this morning.

_– Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy was the source of a series of innovations that enrich and improve all our lives. The world is infinitely better thanks to Steve.

Jobs tried to work until the very end. But in the end was the fight against cancer of the pancreas for him.

He had fought against the disease since 2003.

2004 forced the him to take time out from the company he rescued from bankruptcy.

It would be repeated two more times.
Secret transplant

2009, during a six-month time-out from Apple, he underwent a liver transplant secret in Tennessee.

Wall Street Journal revealed the surgery two months later.

Jobs took another timeout in January this year.

Perhaps he realized even then that the battle was lost. For the first time he chose to work on a biography of his life.

In March, he returned temporarily to the spotlight to present the second generation Iphone.

Taking time off was never on the map.

Although he collapsed on weight and seemed to fade away, he was involved in everything Apple did the day before his death.

But at the end of August this year, it was not longer.

When he left his post, he wrote a letter to the company’s board members.

– I have always said that you are the first to know if there will come a day when I can no longer meet my obligations and expectations as CEO of Apple. Unfortunately, the days here.

Yet he looked forward.

– I think Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead. I look forward to experience and contribute to the success of a new role.

But it was not Job’s. The day after the company met with lukewarm reactions, since it unveiled a new iPhone, he took his last breath.

Only once had touched Job’s fate. It was when he spoke at Stanford University 2005th

– To remember that I will die soon is the most important tool I’ve ever had to help me make important choices in life.

– Because almost everything – all the great expectations, all pride, all fear of shame or failure – fall when you look death in the face. The only thing that remains is what is really important.
“Loss of a creative genius”

On Apple’s website was changed last night the usual hand out towards a picture of Jobs. In the photo he carried in traditional style, a black polo shirt. The only text on the page was his name, and the dates 1955-2011.

– Apple has lost a visionary and a creative genius. The world has lost a fantastic person. Those of us who have been fortunate to know and work with Steve has lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor, it was said on the website.

After the leave Steve a company that only he could have built. His spirit will always be the basis for Apple.