0, and the great man behind it.

Ivin of Autopublisher

Today i thought i’d make a feature about a blogger called Ivin Viljoen. During my days as a blogger i meet many other bloggers and webmasters. And this is one of many, Ivin specialises in Autopublishing, and thats what his website is all about. I hear he is also an active member on the BlogEngage community, but it dosent even remotely end there. He also works with Gail Gardner form Growmap, Justin Germino at Dragonblogger and also Dean Saliba at INeedDiscipline and many other popular bloggers. Now that isn’t something everyone can say.

Ivin helps people get their blog going so to speak, on his site he tells about many great pieces of information that is hard to obtain without knowing someone who truly knows and believes in what he’s doing. No joke he even wrote his first book in 3 days and published that book in two weeks paving the way for him to become a self publishing expert.
I could write tons of pages about this guy, his website, and his knowings in the web autopublishing industry. But since i know many of the readers at get bored quickly im just gonna throw this link in to his website. Because, hey why take my word for it when you can find out yourself.

Click more for a list of what i enjoyed about his blog, and also an improvement tip for

1. Not just “A blog”, a person blog

In sweden we have an expression called “fjortis blog”, and that isa terrible thing. Basically take a personal blog and throw in all of the most boring shit there is. This is often the case with personal blogs, but not here. I feel like i know who is writing but i also know its a reasonable guy. Very nice. Now it may be his style but, i dont want my picture all over the interwebz :P

2. The “sponsors”

Ivan was great at pointing out who he works with and who helped him along the way. Many people forget that.. Gives some free exposure to the contributors and makes sure that  Ivin doesn’t have to sit there at his desk all day thinking…

3. Good layout, slightly boring design

The layout was easy to navigate and great to read on. But it got me bored. Moving elements are often an attention puller. (My nyan cat)

4. Of-course the content

I did get bored after reading close to all the posts on the site, but hey internet attention span right. I never read through a whole blog, i did in this case. Great content you got there.

5. Comment Luv

Comment Luv is a little WordPress plugin that will link back to the last blog post on your blog, whenever you leave a comment on a blog that have the plugin. There are obviously pros and cons. But it fit his good honest website quite well.

6. Signature

I feel (for a change) i might remember this blog. now i cant tell if its the design, content or engaged users.


7. The stats

At the time of this writing, has over 26 thousand monthly visitors. This fact itself tells me you have good content and that there are actually other users on his page. Feels good to know. Although my blog has more users i feel like his deserves a share of the internet.

8. Bookmarking

Important for every webmaster. Social bookmarking. Now if im not mistaken i believe i saw some of this on his page.

9.The ads

Once on the site you weren’t bothered by annoying ads. Which is awesome, keep them there but in the hiding. People click if they want to

10. Last but not least

An improvement tip for you Ivan. Your blog was great but by no means perfect. There is a lot to improve. Chrome compatibility, logo redesigning maybe. But what caught my eye was the popup in the begining. Put that content in a sidebar or likewise. because when i saw i though SPAM SITE and was about to leave, then i remembered my good friend Pavan Katepali recommended it so it cant be malicious. Nobody likes popups :)

Become an expert yourself


Now good luck to you Ivin and if you want to, check my site out maybe we can work together too in the future.