4-in-1 Charge and Sync Cable Review

IMG 5284


This is a neat cable for gadget fans! It has 3 connectors on one USB port. An iPhone charger for iPhone 4, and another for iPhone 5. It also has a micro USB connector, so you can charge for example devices like a Samung Camera, or other Android devices, it even works with the Galaxy Tab. This is really nifty, and handy if you have several devices.

The quality is great, similar to the original iPhone cable. The cable is 30cm long, good for traveling with it, but not very long. You are able to charge two devices at the same time. Also note that It’s not only a charger, but also works for data transfer.

And It’s only 9.99£, so i definitely recommend you to check it out! You can find the product page here.

3 in 1 cable