What windows .exe files sound like when interpreted as PCM data

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sounds of windows
What does windows sound like? Quite a philosophical question maybe, but it’s not impossible to find out. Here are some of the built in programs in Windows 7 interpreted as sound data. Some of them are amazing, some sound like dial up modems.. Anyway have a look!

Windows 7 x64 MS Paint EXE Interpereted as PCM Data by R2Bl3nd

Windows 7 x64 Explorer.exe Interpreted as PCM Data by 98PercentChimp

Windows 7 x64 XPS Viewer Interpreted as PCM Data by Emezeta

RTHDCPL.EXE Interpreted as PCM Data by amattix
Pretty cool right? Click more too see some remixes and leave a comment..

here are a few more, and on the bottom of the post is a remix of Paint.exe :D
Windows 7 x64 wordpad.exe Interpreted as PCM Data by opheleon

Utilman.exe interpreted as PCM data (Win7 x64) by Liqube ’04

Xpsrchvw.exe interpreted as PCM data (Win7 x64) by Liqube ’04

Windows 7 x64 – Bubbles Screensaver by user6316714

Dxdiag – Windows XP x32 by user6316714

Zare – Blue Screen of Death (electroacoustic) by Roger Zare

Windows 7 x64 MS Paint EXE Interpereted as PCM Data (Breakcore Remix) by Chaos Nation

Windows 7 x64 MS Paint EXE (stAllio! remix) by stallio
Hope you enjoyed the sounds of windows, and that you still have your hearing left

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  • Johny29. Jun, 2011

    Never thought of it that way before, gotta try this myself actually!

  • Dubstep28. Jun, 2011

    Wob wob wob

  • George Flickstar via Facebook28. Jun, 2011

    Sounds like dubstep

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