Sprint Kyocera Echo, dual screen touch phone


This is the kind of innovation i’ve been waiting for, it’s the sprint Kyocera Echo. As you see it has dual touchscreens in a sort of clamshell form factor. It resembles the acer iconica laptop. And those two screens are 3.5″ wil a resolution of 480×800. Also the are connected by a new type of hinge wich Kyocera recently patented, that uses liquid metal of some sort. The phone can be used a s a single screen phone if closed. Also it runs on 1ghz snapdragon processor with android 2.2, hopefully 3.0 in a few months. It comes with an extra battery as wellm And a 5mp camera. It has 3g HSDPA but no 4g. It is supposed to be released in a few months for 199$ and  that with a 100$ off rebate. Only thing i hope is is a GSm modell. The two screens can be used for running simultaneus apps, or combining them as one screen. Interesting..