Love In The Air! World of Warfcraft

love in the air 300x168

Finally have Love In The Air festival started in the game World Of Warcraft. As you can see, they have decorated the city with heart, and much more in red and pink. Of course is this all about LOVE.

So what can you do? there is 2  new daily quests that will give you  [Love Token] to do that you can buy festival stuff. Some stuff that your able to buy can give you achievement points. There is also a festival boss that you can kill if you complete 1 chain q that you can take in the main City’s. ( it take around 5 minutes to complete the full chain) The boss drops items with 349 item lvl, you can kill the boss as much as u want but you will only get  [Heart-Shaped Box] and 19gold the first time you kill him.

Hope you all enjoy a bit information about this love festival!