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Human heart replaced by 10,000 RPM artificial pump with no pulse

10 years ago / 5 comments

In the future, no wait, right now (if you’re rich) heart problem is a thing of the past. If your heart is starting to act up you now replace it with …

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A Taiwanese man died after playing League of Legends for 23 hours.

10 years ago / 14 comments

During a weekend where Riot offered League of Legends players in Taiwan, 400% more IP a tragic death occurred in an internet cafe. The deceased man is a 23-year-old Taiwanese who had …

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Love In The Air! World of Warfcraft

11 years ago / 0 comments

Finally have Love In The Air festival started in the game World Of Warcraft. As you can see, they have decorated the city with heart, and much more in red and …

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