Nikon patent's electric zoom for DSLR's

nikon zoom patent application 300x269

Nikon are already one step ahead of everyone else. For those who’ve attempted to shoot video on a conventional DSLR, they’ve most likely ran into one problem in particular: zooming. It’s pretty difficult to hold a camera with lens and all , try holding it steady while also keeping a firm grip on the zoom and focus dials. Without a camera rig, it’s essentially impossible to get anything more than bad shaky captures, complete with tons of blur. If all goes well, the next Nikkor lens you purchase may make the aforementioned tragedy just another comical part of history. Nikon is apparently dreaming of a single lens that can be zoomed both manually (for still photography) and electronically (for video), and better still, there’s nothing stopping this from also supporting the outfit’s sure-to-be-forthcoming EVIL line of mirrorless cameras. Then again, it’s not like a patent application dictates a near-term release, but if we all cross our fingers in unison and pledge allegiance the Big N, who knows what kind of magic could happen. When will canon follow?