Huey, the chameleon lamp

Besides being energy efficient and all that, the use of LEDs also means that you don’t necessarily have to just settle with boring white lighting any more. ThinkGeek’s latest creation, affectionately known as Huey (any relation to Pantone’s color calibration system?) takes advantage of the fact that multiple LEDs of different colors can be combined to create even more colors.

Using a couple of white LEDs and an optical sensor hidden underneath him, Huey is not only able to determine the color he’s currently sitting on, but he’ll do his best to adjust his internal lighting to match that color as closely as possible. When left alone he’ll cycle through the various colors in his spectrum, but at any time you can ‘lock’ him in to a specific color by giving his soft vinyl body a gentle squeeze. $29.99 including an AC adapter, though probably not the 3xAAA batteries if you want to use him cordless.

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