Apple's "Back to the Mac" roundup

back to the mac1

Okay, a couple of days ago Apple had an event which they called ”Back to Mac”, so what’s new?

First of all Apple announced a new version of Mac OSX, It’s called Lion. It won’t be out until about June next year. But news are, better multitouch implementation, a Mac app store, and a application launcher called Launchpad. The Launchpad features an app launcher that resembles IOS springboard.

Also they announced a new Mac Book air, which is way thinner than previous versions. It comes in 13” and 11”, the 13” will have a 2.3 ghz processor and the 11” wil have a maximum of 1.6 ghz. It’s still just a core 2 duo, but it’s still way better than before. The new macs will from now on come with a reinstallation usb drive. Also there’s no annoying flip down usb ports, instead the mac gets thinner the closer the track pad you get. Also it broke the record of world’s thinnest laptop, which previously was owned by Sony. Also you WILL need to use windows on the new mac book air because it will come without flash player installed; you can still install it yourself. And it works great too. (damn steve jobs must hate adobe)  It looks really good (except no flash), but still do you really need to fit your laptop in an envelope?

What more? Mac’s I chat is now called Facetime, wow I’m really not surprised at all..

Anyway they say it’s beter than ichat and it works between iphone 4 and mac. Also there’s a chatroulette like service called “Faceroulette”.

And there will ofcourse also be a new version of I life.