Synergy, merges your computers to one

,windows ,mac,linux,ubuntu,awesome,mouse,keyboard,fusion,computer,stupid,tags,nobody,reads,them,anyway,so,i,can,technically,write,penis,here,nobody,will,ever.notice,oh,,,you,noticed,eh?,shit,well,ebtter,take,it,back,then,oops,sorryThis is a really smart piece of software. Imagine, you have 3 computers. The one you usually use, your work/school computer and a third computer. Pretty annoying having 3 mose, 3keybords andso on on 1 desk. This makes you standard computer a server so you can use the same mouse 7 keyboard on multiple computers. best of all’? it’s free and its open source. Meaning you doont have to pay anything for it and it will work on all windows, linux and mac OS’es.