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Video: How copyright violators are treated like terrorists

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Are Your Politicians For Sale? from Political Prostitution on Vimeo.

These Watches Are Made Of Concrete

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These watches made of concrete where designed by Dzmitry Samal. It is waterproof up to 50m deep. The hands themselves are shaped like skyscrapers and on some models rotate on a background of atypical …

Tips for Maximizing the Computer Performance

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Speed is the essence of computing whether it is making a computing programme or checking the mail on your laptop. Everything should happen in the spur of moment. However, many a times your wait …

Things to Take Care While Reinstalling Windows

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The software of the Windows platform sometimes get so corrupted that the user would have no choice, but to reinstall the operating system all over again. The user could try system recovery methods that …

Strengths and Weaknesses of Cloud Computing in your Business

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Tired of all the hassles incurred for running your business virtual needs? Losing too much money due to expenses to maintain it? There is a trending technology now that allows a business to be …

The New Motorola Motosmart Review

6 years ago / 8 comments

Touch screen, 3- megapixel camera, android support, weather and other local reports, Internet access… sounds like any other smartphone, doesn’t it? The new Motorola Motosmart phone is the latest budget phone released by the …