League Of Legends Hacked

League of Legends has been hacked, “change your password immediately” says the founder of Riot Games Marc Merrill.

According to the Riot, they got email addresses, encrypted passwords for accounts and some player’s full name and encrypted safety questions + answers. Even if the passwords are encrypted Riot says that over half of the passwords are simple enough to be retrieved.

You can change your password on Riot’s website, by pressing the “change password” button. If you use the same password on other sites, it may be a wise idea to change there too.


Look for your nearest Anti ACTA protest


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Lego City Undercover is like GTA but with Lego’s!!

I always loved the Lego games, but they where in many ways.. not too great unless you are 8. This new game called Lego City Undercover however is more than awesome, probably all reason you need to buy a wiiU. It’s essentially GTA (Grand Theft Auto) but with Lego’s. Check out the trailer!


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This weekend it’s MLG Spring Championship and it is stocked with lots of goodies! First we have the main tournaments that are StarCraft 2 and League of Legends. But also things like 8-player tournament for Kespa BW players. 200 beta stations for Heart of the Swarm. U.S. Nationals for Blizzard’s WCS. The event will take the stack on 8-10 June in Anaheim, California.
StarCraft 2 tournaments plays out as usual with some players already ready for pool play and an open bracket for players to sign up for. The tournament is packed with 272 players. There are many big names in the open bracket players like JYP, Sase, InControl, Alive, Puma, Demuslim, Oz, MMA, Idra, Thorzain and Ret. The tournament is built like most MLG championships are. Where they play pool play with 16 seeded players and eight players from the open bracket. 256 players trying to get through open bracket which is divided into losers and winners bracket where top 8 players from winner bracket moves on to later stage of pool play and the top 8 from the losers bracket goes to the loser championship brackets first round. Championship bracket where the top 32 players get to all from pool play and top 8 from losers bracket. Winner of each group in pool play will be seeded directly into Semifinals and the higher you got in pool play the fewer games you have to play to get into the Final.
It’s known that it is very difficult to win an MLG match if you’re coming from the open bracket because you have to play an insane amount of games if you are unlucky. We can only wait and see how it will be if any player from the open bracket manages to win MLG this time or if it will be  the seeded players again. You will be able to follow the StarCraft 2 tournament on 2 free streams and 2 premium streams. They will compete for a prize pool of 76,000$. The tournament will have some of the best caster in the world Tasteless, Artosis, DjWHEAT, Mr. Bitter, Apollo, Husky, TotalBiscuit and Rob Simpson. (more…)

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The Worlds First Helicopter Made Of a Cat (WTF)


When the Dutch artist Bart Jansen’s cat Orville died after being run over by a car, the owner decided to turn the cat into an art installation, reports the Daily Mail.

Orville, who was named after aviation pioneer Orville Wright, is now a cat-helicopter.

He took the help of Arjen Beltman, an expert on radio-controlled helicopters, and built a flight mechanism that he attached to Orville.

The installation was named “Orvillecopter” and the artist tells the Daily Mail that the artwork is half cat and half machine. According to the artist  soon Orville will fly with the birds.

– He loved birds, he tells the Daily Mail.

The weird helicopter could this weekend be viewed on Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam where visitors could see the cat fly around.

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