Dubai will have a hotel with 21 stories underwater in the future

If you are impressed by the Burj Dubai or Burj Khalifa in Dubai then this will blow your mind! A luxury hotel with 21 stories underwater. Imagine waking up in a hotel room, and instead of getting a view of a city skyline, or beach, or maybe a parking lot, you are greeted by underwater wildlife 200 feet below the surface.

It will be called the “Water Discus Hotel”, and would anchor half of the hotel 21 stories underwater, with the other half peeking out above the water. But whether or not this thing is actually built is a whole other story. As inhabitat points out, there had previously been plans for another underwater hotel in Dubai before that idea faded out, and until construction begins, nothing is ever set in stone. I can also imagine environmentalists are not pleased by the idea of something like this.