Automatic Paintball Sentry Gun

3 years ago / 1 comments

While I’m not sure why you might need a paintball auto-turret, it sure does look cool. Maybe this is the way you prefer to protect your home, or maybe you just really, really want …

Buying 4G Sim Card In The US, Comparison Of Three Different Services

3 years ago / 0 comments

I frequently travel from Europe to the US, and as we all know roaming charges are far worse than being robbed. So when I’m staying in the states for periods longer than a week I …

Ultrahaptics: Ultrasound Forcefield Lets You Feel Without Touching

3 years ago / 0 comments

Ultrahaptics is definitely one of the coolest things we saw at the CES this year. Basically it uses an array of ultrasound speakers to stimulate the surface of your skin, creating the illusion of …

CES 2015: The Biggest (Best) CES Ever

3 years ago / 0 comments

This years CES featured over 170,000 attendees, and more than a few surprises.

Liquidimage EGO LS 800 Actioncam With 4G Streaming

3 years ago / 0 comments

The Liquidimage EGO LS 800 is basically a GoPro with 4G LTE capability.  It lets you stream a live feed to your computer or smartdevice , or send the recorded files. It can also …

Coolest Cars At CES 2015

3 years ago / 0 comments

Here is a collection of the coolest cars we saw at this years CES. For an electronics convention there sure were a lot of awesome cars there!