You Can Expect CES 2017 To Be Full Of Surprises

ces 2017 logo

Around this time of year every major tech news outlet will start making predictions for what to expect at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas. 

Usually there’s a major technology that will more or less dominate the CES, making rough predictions fairly easy.

 This year however, might be the year where CES brings us the most suprise in a good while, or it may be a fairly boring CES. Now, judging by every CES we’ve covered so far (every one since 2010), it’s extremely unlike to be a boring show.

But what can we expect? Previously we’ve had technologies like 3D printing, 4k TV and Virtual Reality dominate the show. But what about this year? There’s no clear winner.


Possibly 5G?

While 5G is going to be awesome to use, it’s hardly a showstopper.

Naturally we’ll see further advancements in technologies like 3D prinintg, VR/AR, and wearables. 

My personal prediction is going to be that AI (Artificial intelligence) will be the center of the show.

Not neccesarily AI itself, but rather we’ll see the technologies that will make real AI possible.


What do you think is going to be the most exciting tech at this years CES? Leave a comment below