You want an awesome laser display, here you go!

There are many cool things to be uncovered at the CES, but it can sometimes be hard to find the awesome stuff in this jungle of technology. Anyway here is something that Engadget found, its basically a HUD which works by beaming lasers at glass containing a film of nanoparticles. The test version was a blue projector but they are also being developed in red, white and even dual blue and red. Whats so smart about it is it requires very little distance between the projector and the projection surface. The demo version you see in the video was only 3 feet from the image, which was still very clear. They say it can be used as a HUD in cars, and it accepts input from VGA, USB and memory cards!
Sun Innovations, Transplay display, you can find product page here

Here you have another video as-well.