Probably the best travel charger you can get!

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If you travel a lot you know its easy to forget chargers and its a damn hassle to keep themin your bag without clutter, the solution might just be here. Yes, with this charger, you can recharge up to four gadgets simultaneously, while occupying just a single wall outlet. Product page can be found here

  • Compatible with iPhone® 3G, iPhone® 4, iPad® 1, iPad® 2, 1st to 5th generation iPods®, iPod nano®, iPod touch®
  • 4 different connectors for various mobile devices (iPhone®, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung)
  • Can recharge all 4 devices simultaneously
  • Single power source
  • Glowing on/off light
  • Lightweight, compact and portable; perfect for traveling
  • AC adapter (included)


  • 7½” x 10¾” x ¾”
  • Weight: approx. 7 oz.

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