Like lightshows? Then this 4D light show will amaze you!

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If have ever seen a laser show or a lightshow, then you probably love them. Here is a realy cool video of a lightshow with 4D elements that was projected on a building December 8th in Brazil. It definitely deserves to have a look at!

What makes this light show stick out from the rest is its awesome 4D effects which included real-life wind, rain and dazzling headlights. They show started with some 3D illusions to gain attention and then a white figure appeared who then materialized as an actual person. This person then ‘drove’ the projection through virtual tunnels and environments which were designed to reflect the network of underground tunnels for which the city is famous. Only wish i was



To promote the 2012 launch of Peugeot’s brand new 208 model, Projection Advertising was commissioned by BD Network to create a motion-sensitive video-mapping ‘teaser’ show with 4D effects including real-life wind, rain and dazzling headlights.


Inspired by 208’s ‘Let Your Body Drive’ slogan, Projection Advertising developed a motion-sensory projection that allowed a demonstrator to ‘drive’ the projection using only their body.


The show, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, began with a series of 3D optical illusions and the introduction of a virtual figure in white, who then materialised as a real-life actor. Through the use of real-time 3D graphics, the actor then ‘drove’ the projection through a series of virtual tunnels and landscapes, which were designed to reflect the network of subterranean tunnels for which the city is famous.


Tom Burch, Managing Director of Projection Advertising, said: “This is the new generation of interactive video-mapping. Instead of just playing with optical illusions, we’ve created a show that overlaps both the virtual and physical worlds. The development of real-time 3D is a giant leap for video-mapping technology.”


The extra physical effects, which gave the show its 4D element, include outward beams of light when the car flashed its headlights, wind when it simulated a high speed and water spray when it drove through a puddle.


The video can viewed on YouTube here:



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