Train Window Ads Vibrate Into Ear As You Lay Head Against Glass

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window vibrating train ads
Some say Ads are constantly getting more and more intrusive , but this kinda takes the price. A collaboration between the streaming site SkyGo and adverising agency BBDO Dusseldorf has started a new campaign in Germany which involves a special transmitter that vibrates the window on a train at just the right frequencies so that sound is transmitted through your cranial bones, directly into your ears. No one on the train, except those resting their heads on the window will hear them. So if you like to rest your head against the window on a train to rest, you better bring a pillow.

This might the paramount of annoying advertising, but I’ve got to say It’s also ingenious.

BBDO and Sky Go plan to roll out the talking windows all over Germany. They are intended to transmit music and weather, as well as ads, BBDO rep Susanne Keyzers told The Huffington Post. She went on to say that the talking windows had a test run in Munich and North Rhine-Westphalia. “Passengers got surprised and enjoyed this new form of advertising,” she wrote in an email.