Chevy wireless car charger

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Wouldn’t it be great to park your car in the garage and the morning after you have a 100% full tank..

Unfortunately that isn’t possible without a bunch of mexicans filling up your gasoline tank. If however you are more of an electric vehicle person this gadget might be able to fullfil that dream!

Its a wireless charger the size of a hubcap that is placed on the garage floor and then charges your car overnight. The previous generation of these devices where almost as big as a car itself and only charged at 80% efficiency, this one however charges at 97% of full efficiency. It might be available for the Chevy volt’s in the us till next year. However the price is somewhat of a shock, 5000$.

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  • Danny MacTuffy05. Aug, 2011

    Thats really convenient! Hopefully one day they’ll have that gadget for all new cars in the future! And I agree the price is a bit steep eh, was expecting it to be around $300, but hey what do I know!

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