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Check Out This Awesome Model Space Shuttle Carrier

4 years ago / 1 comments

RC airplanes are awesome enough as is, but this one really caught my eye. It’s a NASA space shuttle carrier!

Red Bull Stratos, Skydiving from the Stratosphere at Mach speed! [UPDATE] It was a success!

7 years ago / 0 comments

Red Bull Stratos, a mission to the edge of space, will attempt to transcend human limits that have existed for 50 years. Supported by a team of experts Felix Baumgartner plans to ascend to …

[PS VITA] What Games And Accessories You Will Be Able To Buy At The February US Launch

8 years ago / 0 comments

The playstation Vita has just been released in Japan, and its selling well. Soon its the US’s turn to get the Vita, but which games will be released with it? Sony has announced on …

Htc 7 pro image and specs

9 years ago / 0 comments

O2 germany has released a teaser site for a new phone called htc7 pro, Looks good dosen’t it? It’s been set for a january launch, so we’ll look forward to it. Color: black-silver Talk …

Nintendo makes 3ds dev kit avaible for developers

9 years ago / 0 comments

Nintendo will make its 3DS devkits available to smaller independent studios “early in the new year”, Develop has been told from trusted development sources. The handheld, set for full global release by March 2011, …

PowerColor AMD 6970 Leaked

9 years ago / 0 comments

Some German guy got his hands on a PowerColor AMD 6970 and he leaked all info he could pull from it in a short time because he is not obligated by secrecy or anything …