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Realtime Handsign To Voice Translator!

7 years ago / 0 comments

MyVoice has the ability to translate sign language into spoken / written word.

Apple's new line of MacBooks announced at WWDC

7 years ago / 1 comments

MacBook Air: Processor up to 2GHz Core i7, with Turbo Boost these go up to 3.2GHz, the built in facetime camera is now 720p and the display on the 11-inch model now 1366 x …

A Functioning Linux Computer from a Printers Wifi Card!

7 years ago / 3 comments

There is no end to creativity, someone has taken the wifi card from a printer and actually modified it to run Linux! I can’t imagine its a super computer, but the idea is very …

League Of Legends Hacked

7 years ago / 0 comments

League of Legends has been hacked, “change your password immediately” says the founder of Riot Games Marc Merrill. According to the Riot, they got email addresses, encrypted passwords for accounts and some player’s full …