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A better stick on controller solution

8 years ago / 0 comments

They may not be the first stick-on solution for adding real directional controllers and buttons to a capacitive touchscreen display, but Donya has at least acknowledged the fact that no two games in the …

IGotya snaps a picture of potential iphone thiefs

8 years ago / 1 comments

This cydia app for jailbroken iphones takes a picture and sends it along with gps coordinates to your email adress if someone tries to unlock your iphone with the wrong passcode. Really clever yet …

.plist hack let's you remove apps from the new ipod nano

8 years ago / 0 comments

James whelton, that’s the guy who did the first (sorta kinda) hack for the ipod nano touch. What he did was change the .plist file to remove a certain app, and it worked. It’s …

The iphone app that translate's in realtime

8 years ago / 0 comments

Word Lens, an app that translates English text to and from Spanish on the fly, is a reminder of how incredibly powerful apps can be. But how’s it really work? It ain’t perfect, but …

ios 4.2 available now, also "find my iPhone / iPad" is now free.

8 years ago / 0 comments

Apple is today rolling out iOS 4.2 to iPads and qualifying iPhones (3G, 3GS and 4) and iPod touches (second, third and fourth generation) across the globe, delivering the long-awaited multitasking and app folder …

Iphone on a 58-inch multitouch tv

8 years ago / 0 comments

The gurus behind the Table Connect for iPhone have returned, using a jailbroken iPhone, and a dedicated app (for now) to demonstrate what iOS looks like on a 58-inch multitouch table. i cant wait..