How to make an Iphone app, without coding or dev certificate!

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How to develop your own iphone application game without code, freeNow I will show you how you can make your very own (hacked) iphone app, using zero code, and without a developers certificate!

I’ve been looking for a way to make iphone apps for so long now. Objective C is so damned hard for a beginner, and you just can’t learn it in a week. So meanwhile learning how to develop for real this guide will help you make some pretty awesome apps!

What you will need for this:

  • Adobe flash, cs5 or higher  
  • This file  (your developer certificate)
  • This file (your app verification file)
  • Creativity, and some slight experience with Flash!
  • Jailbroken iphone or ipad (with appsync)

These are modified dev certificates, so you won’t be able to publish these apps on the appstore. And you’ll need a jailbroken iphone (with appsync or similar) to sync the apps via itunes.

Now you should be ready to go, got any good ideas? Here is what you do: Make a new flash document, now you should see this. Select Air for Iphone.

Adobe flash iphone app

Now this will be in Actionscript 3. A few AS2 things will work, but i suggest going fully AS3.  (if you have to do it in actionscript 2, do a small app and try to upload the swf file here)

Now you just do your game/app/video. when you have done something small. We are going to test it out on your iphone. (remember, you need a jailbroken iphone, with appsync from cydia)



click to enlarge

First you need to tailor your app a little, choose a funky icon etc etc. So you click File>Air for IOS settings

Choose the fake certificate's you downloaded, password is 1234

Make some nice icons (with the right dimensions) in paint or photoshop

Well there copy these settings, or chose appropriate ones that work with your app!


Now to publish you .ipa file. Go to the properties tab on your right sidebar. Choose publisher settings!

Click to enlarge


Now you should have a .ipa file somewhere on your computer. Double click it and itunes will import it. Then you just sync your jailbroken iphone, voila YOU ARE A DEVELOPER!! Enjoy.*How to make you rown iphone app using flash cs5

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  • juegos06. Dec, 2014

    We are a bunch of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
    Your site provided us with useful info to work on. You have performed an impressive task
    and our entire neighborhood will likely be thankful to you.

  • hari19. Sep, 2014

    what is the password for certificate?

    • Johny19. Sep, 2014

      no password, read the guide :)

  • uberbyron12. Aug, 2011

    That is fantastic, I’ve always wanted to do my own iOS coding! Thanks…

  • Minds12. Aug, 2011

    A little worried about the jailbreak thing.. But if it’s worth it, def will try.

    • Johny12. Aug, 2011

      dont worry bout it. It’s perfectly safe. And legal, also you will have so much more fun with a hacked iphone! :D

  • ladylunacy12. Aug, 2011

    wow, packed with info!

  • Dudta12. Aug, 2011

    Ooh this is quite interesting! I’ve done lots of programming, but never tried making an iPhone app. may have to give it a shot!

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