Apple Mac OSX Lion 10.7 is now available from the Mac's App store

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Apple has finally released their new version of Mac os X, while developers have had acces to it for some time already the public can now get it for a small sum. You can get it from the Mac Appstore as an installer package. Later on Apple will also begin selling thumb drives with the operating system on it for 69$.


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  • Everson04. Jan, 2013

    wow that is sooooo awoseme. No way could they have hired a better qualified guy for the job. Hmmm I wonld how long til you meet steve j.Btw, what do u think of the speed bumps in the macbooks? Think its really noticable? I like the new harddrives tho. Middle of next month I’m going to put in my order and it well be WHITE so no one will think its a Dell.Do u get an employee discount?

  • Pompousturtle21. Jul, 2011

    For $69 it seems worth it!

  • Winston's Dog21. Jul, 2011

    Agree with IJ on this, can’t wait to hear what the reaction from the public is.

  • Inside Journalism21. Jul, 2011

    Curious to hear how this is received, it’s had a fair bit of hype but I want to hear what my friends and colleagues think too.

  • Bigshanks21. Jul, 2011

    $69? Def not a bad price

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