Fast mac usb wall socket

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There are times when all of our grand technology runs out of juice, all at once. The only problem being that we don’t have enough USB charge ports available to us to charge everything …

Simplest and best must have ios apps list

8 years ago / 3 comments

Got an idevice recently? or just like apps? Then you may be wondering What Are The Best Apps? tilt to live,  crystal defender’s,  the creeps,  burn the rope,  itd pro,  shift 2,  hungry shark,  …

Sanyo makes a projector that enable every surface to be interactive

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A few days ago SANYO announced their excitingly-named PLC-WL2503 ultra-short throw projector which allows for interactivity on any surface, no longer requiring a dedicated whiteboard full of sensors. Instead, a camera module located on …

Best (and most expensive) computer case from CES

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This is just the computer case for me, just too bad it dosen’t have a window on the side. The Moneual Lab Dual screen case is very simply a computer case that you put …

This paperclip looks like a hanger

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While $9.50 is a heck of a lot to pay for just 7 pieces of twisted steel wire, these clever PhotoHangers make it particularly easy to show off photos, postcards or anything worth displaying …

How to make light art

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Freezelight Magic Forest from FREEZELIGHT.RU on Vimeo. This beatiful video was made with only three glowsticks and a camera, can you believe it? And you know what, you can do it yourself. Here’s how: