Gadgetzz at Dreamhack Winter 2021


We are live from the worlds largest LAN party!

Photo by Gadgetzz

At Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden thousands of gamers bring their computers to get together for 4 days of non-stop gaming.

Seeing that many computers set up in one room is a sight like no other. And it’s no wonder people make the effort to drag their computers to this incredible event. Dreamhack offers world class internet connection, and has in fact broken records for worlds fastest internet connection in the past. But Dreamhack is much more than just a huge room packed to the brim with computers and sweaty gamers.

They host shows and competitions on their main stage. They have exhibitors showcasing highly interesting games and gaming products. And say you forgot your ethernet cable, no problem because they have an entire computer store on site. And of course gaming for 4 days straight requires fuel, so there’s plenty of food vendors.

Dreamhack Winter 2004, when screens were thicker and a LAN actually required a local area connection.
Uploaded to English Wikipedia on 27 Nov 2004 by Toffelginkgo under the GFDL, uploaded to the Commons by Toffelginkgo under CC-BY-SA-1.0

Dreamhack started as a small event hosted in a school cafeteria and has since grown into an unparalleled computer festival. The event has gone on yearly at Elmia and even abroad without interruption since 2001. Of course Covid-19 put a stop to their streak. That’s why we decided we have to see this event again with our own eyes.

This year we will be covering the event with cameras, in line with our new focus on video content.

Check out our video from Dreamhack Winter 2021: