Goodyear AirLess Tires Tested On Tesla Model 3

Goodyear is making a major push to get airless tires (or as they call them non-pneumatic (airless) tire (NPT)) ready for the market. By 2030, they want to develop tires that do not need to be maintained but can travel many thousands of miles on, for example, driverless vehicles.

In this recent test they used them on a Tesla Model 3.

It’s a shame that there’s background music on the video because a main question is how the tires sound?

The open design is probably mostly to see that these tires are different and see how they work. The weight of the car is supported by rubber slats inside the tire. Future real tires will likely have closed sides so dirt and snow can not get in the wedge between the rubber slats.

But Goodyear are as you might have guessed not the only company working on airless tires.

This is Michelins take on the airless tire.
And here is the Bridgestone version which is so far just a render.