4 Home Security Tips and Guidelines You Never Thought Of

Home security should be something that every homeowner thinks about. It keeps your home and it’s contents safe, while also helping you have peace of mind and allowing you to relax in your home without worry. Burglary is among the most common types of property crime, so you need to be protected.

While everyone might know to lock their doors, get an alarm system and keep valuables out of sight, those aren’t the only great ways to keep your home secure. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over a few home security tips and guidelines you likely haven’t thought about.

Make Your Home Security System Smart

While millions of families have a security system, many are a little outdated and not very modern. If you want to take your security system to new heights, you should consider integrating it with your smart home.  Be sure to check Alarm Grid to learn more about integrating your security system into your smart home system. 

This can make things much simpler, and give you the ability to remotely check the status of your system. You can even use your voice to arm and check the status of your system. If you don’t have a smart home, picking up an Amazon Echo or Google Nest or Home can be a simple and low-cost way to make your home a little smarter and get more control of your home.

Keep Your Yard Clean

(via: https://pixabay.com/photos/back-yard-grass-vinyl-fence-nature-250890/)

In addition to making your yard look nicer, keeping your yard clean can help keep your home secure. You may not think about it, but plenty of things commonly left around a yard can aid criminals in their efforts. A ladder can help them reach an upstairs window, and even chairs or other large items can be climbed up on to reach higher places.

In addition to that, these items could also be stolen. Also, beware of large trees, shrubs or bushes. While these can contribute to a good looking yard, they make it very easy for shady characters to hide in plain sight. If you do have these, keep them off of the house to ensure no one can hide right up against your home without being detected.

Ensure Your Plans Always Stay Private

People love to take vacations and it’s easy to see why. Beaches, pools, cold drinks and sun can be pretty incredible. However, many people will post about their vacations on social media platforms. But with social media having billions of users, you need to be careful.

You never know who could see your photo of your entire family in the Bahamas. Anytime your home is completely empty, and that fact is being advertised, there is always a heightened risk that something bad could happen. So be sure to keep all travel plans private, and consider doing some things to make your home look “lived in” when you are on vacation.

This can be anything from leaving a car in the driveway, to having the lights on a timer so they will go on at a certain time.

Secure Your Windows

While many people will lock up their doors, plenty of others won’t think about their windows. However, they are a very popular spot for burglars to gain entry into a home. If they are left open and are on the ground level, it is like leaving a welcome mat open for potential criminals.

Always close your windows when you leave your home, and have a way to lock or latch them, as well. Also, if you have a security system, make sure that there are sensors on or by the windows. If not, intruders could gain access to your home through the windows without your security system being any the wiser.

In conclusion, these underrated security tips can have a huge impact when it comes to ensuring your home is a safe place.