Destination Star Trek Europe: Day Two

Destination Star Trek Europe Ferengi Klingon Cosplay Gadgetzz

Destination Star Trek Europe Ferengi Klingon Cosplay Funny GadgetzzDay two of Destination Star Trek in Birmingham was just as much fun as the first. It was certainly more crowded today. They actually ran out of all on site tickets before lunch.

Although there were a lot of interesting talks I only attended a couple. The first was with Adam Nimoy, Leonard Nimoys son. He spoke about the making of the spock documentary called ‘For the love of Spock’.

The documentary was originally meant to be exclusively about Spock, however since Leonard Nimoy died in the middle of making it, they decided to also include a bit about his life. I would recommend you to see it, it’s available on iTunes.


Secondly was a talk called ‘ALL HAIL THE 50 YEAR MARCH OF THE KLINGONS’ hosted by Gowron himself, accompanied by Terry Farrell who played Jadzia Dax on DS9.

Gowron was a lot of fun. He called out all the Klingons in the room and they all yelled ‘Kaplah!’. The most interesting bit of information in my opinion was when Terry Farrell told us why Jadzia died at the end of season 6. Apparently it wasn’t planned.

What happened was that the actors all had contracts up to season 6. When the time for renewal came Terry was offered a contract which she felt was outright insulting. She was very sad to have to leave the series though, and she couldn’t even bear to watch season 7. This I did not know before.



Here are some photos from day two: