Comic Con Copenhagen 2016

comic con copenhagen

Gadgetzz attended this years Comic Con in Copenhagen. Here is our experience:

Last years Comic Con was in Malmoe, Sweden, however for this year they moved it to Copenhagen, Denmark. The bigger venue and somewhat bigger city logically made for a bigger event. Unfortunately, not a better event.

While there were certainly some interesting things there. It was extremely hard to enjoy it. It was just so overcrowded; you could barely move. In fact, it was so bad, I doubt it was legal due to fire regulations.


lasergame comic con

One of the more fun things is that there was an arena set up in the middle of the exhibition hall where you could play laser tag. I only saw a few people do it, but it seemed like fun.


Frankly I don’t have more to tell you. However I can say it might actually be more fun to browse through the photos I took rather than to actually go.