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The Ripple Maker is a printer that is designed to print images onto your coffee. It’s a pretty odd but none the less awesome idea. And it seems to be working quite well.


New for the CES is the companion Ripple app, that let’s you instantly print any image from your smartphone onto your coffee.  It will be available for iOS and Android in February.

The coffee maker will be available to cafès for rent, starting at $85 per month. The plans will include all you need to get going serving custom printed coffees.

These flexible plans provide owners with Ripple Pods, operating service and warranties, as well as access to Ripples’ content platform and themes.

As for the app it will be free for consumers. Just download the app, go to a coffee shop that has a Ripple Maker, and get your own custom image on your coffee.

A great deal both for coffee shops and consumers really. I hope to see this technology go widespread as soon as possible.


See the full press release below:


Latest printing technology and app allows any photo or image from phones to be shared instantly on a cappuccino or latte
January 6, 2016 – LAS VEGAS, NV – Something new is brewing at CES: from selfies to “sip pics” the art of coffee is being redefined. Steam CC, the innovative IoT company behind the Ripple Maker, a revolutionary new device that produces ANY image or message (known as a Ripple) onto a foam-topped coffee, has unveiled the Coffee Ripples App which pairs with the device to allow the “end-drinker” to create anything they can imagine onto a cappuccino or latte.

The Ripple Maker has been wowing coffee lovers in NYC with its ability to produce high-resolution Ripples onto lattes, cappuccinos, or any foam-topped drink in a matter of seconds. Now the Coffee Ripples App empowers anyone with a smartphone to turn ordinary beverages into extraordinary experiences by creating inspiring Ripples from any image, photo or message they choose or create.

Live demonstrations of the new commercial version of the Ripple Maker and consumer app will be taking place throughout CES at the Sands Expo Center, Hall C Booth #73407. It can also be seen in action here.

Developed by award-winning industrial designers, the Ripple Maker combines patented printing technologies with coffee extract filled Ripple Pods, to create the Ripples. Created for coffee shops, restaurants or hospitality suites, any venue that serves coffee will be able to take advantage of the opportunities for engagement, loyalty and emotional connection that Ripples provides.

The Coffee Ripples App makes creating and sending a personal image as simple as creating a social media post. The app functionality allows the user to choose an existing image from Ripples’ extensive content library, or to submit an image from their camera roll which will be transformed into foam art at the venue. Users can edit, scale, filter and even add text to the image before they send.

Initially available on iOS, with Android versions launching in February 2016, the intuitive app is location based, so is able to locate and display Ripple-enabled venues in the area.

“The reaction to the Ripple Maker from coffee shop owners, baristas and the general public has been as extraordinary as the coffee art they have collectively created,” said Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Steam CC, parent of Ripples. “With the addition of the extensive content library and robust consumer app, we look forward to offering the Ripples experience to many more countries and venues around the world.”

The Ripple Maker will be available to commercial establishments that serve coffee, and will be delivered with service plans starting at $85 per month. These flexible plans provide owners with Ripple Pods, operating service and warranties, as well as access to Ripples’ content platform and themes. The Coffee Ripples App is free to consumers.

The Ripple Maker requires no special training, is small and convenient, and adds mere seconds to the coffee delivery process. Its intuitive display makes it simple to browse existing Ripple content which is arranged by themes (greetings, smart quotes, coffee humor, etc.), or to print a message that was sent by the Coffee Ripples App.

“As well as being the most social of social media, images of latte art are some of the most shared pictures online,” added Meshulam. “We are taking this creative medium to a whole new level and letting everyone express themselves and make a ripple on the world.”
With the Coffee Ripples App coffee lovers can:

  • Browse Ripples’ content library
  • Submit their own image, picture, design or message and send it to a local Ripple Maker to produce
  • Edit, scale, filter and even add text to Ripples
  • Locate Ripple-enabled venues

Key elements of the Ripple Maker include:

  • Wi-Fi enabled device that neatly fits onto counter top with a small 8.5” x 10.5” footprint
  • Creates high quality images or messages on foam topped drinks using pods filled with coffee extract
  • As no artificial color is added, Rippled images are produced in “Coffee Scale” – coffee based shades rather than full color
  • Adjusts automatically to a wide range of coffee cups up to 7” high and 4.5” wide, to produce Ripples that fit the diameter of the selected cup
  • Ripples are produced within 10 seconds
  • Ripples’ content library has hundreds of images and messages to choose from; new images constantly uploaded in real-time to the cloud
  • Ripples’ content library is an open platform for any Ripple artist to submit images for consideration
  • Currently available in the US, expanding in 2016
  • Priced Starting at $999 USD, with service plans starting at $85 per month

For further information, or to purchase, please visit


About Ripples
Ripples, a Steam CC venture, was founded with the simple but powerful idea that a cup of coffee could send a different kind of message; an actual one. Their first product, the Ripple Maker, turns ordinary coffee into an extraordinary experience. The machine creates inspiring Ripples from any image or text atop the foam layer of coffee beverages with the touch of a button. Steam CC is a privately held, ventured backed company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Please visit us at



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